Successes, Accomplishments and Achievements

The creation and subsequent passing of PD 714 may be the greatest accomplishment of the FWADG, as it made everything mentioned on this page possible. However, the group is extremely proud of every success story, large and small. With your help, this list will only grow and become more impressive. We thank you in advance.


Sprouts Farmers Market

After decades without a name-brand organic grocery store, Fort Worth Avenue became a potential site for a Sprouts Farmers Market. Their development plan, however, was not compliant with PD 714. By working with the developer to overcome many site plan issues, hosting community meetings and circulating a community survey, the FWADG was able to secure an acceptable plan and get the project underway. Construction is anticipated to start in 2024.

For more info, read this article.

    Beckley/Commerce Interchange

    Back in 1930, all Beckley Avenue traffic, as well as that to and from the Commerce Street Bridge, used an underpass at the foot of the Commerce Street Bridge. When the City of Dallas decided that the underpass could no longer handle the increasing traffic, it designed a mix master-type intersection to replace it. The FWADG led the charge for a design that was not only pedestrian- and bike-friendly, but also routed Beckley around the historic pecan tree.

      Sylvan Thirty

      Once an underutilized prime piece of real estate, SylvanThirty is now a thriving mixed-use family-friendly development that includes shopping, dining and residential. In 2012, after developers purchased the land and submitted site plans, the FWADG worked with them to achieve a development plan that worked within PD 714.


        Western Heights Cemetery

        Famous for the gravesite of Clyde Barrow (of Bonnie and Clyde), this historic cemetery is the burial ground for many Dallas families, as well as veterans of the Civil War, World War I and World War II. Overgrown and neglected, it was adopted by the FWADG in 2009, who kept the grounds mowed and trees trimmed. In 2022, through active fundraising, the group raised community awareness and participation by undertaking a master reclamation and restoration project involving volunteer maintenance, monument repairs, a web-based directory of gravesites and participation in a pilot program transforming the cemetery into a native eco-system. Currently commemorative bricks are being sold to create an entry pathway.

        West Dallas Gateway Pecan Tree

        • Located at the foot of the Commerce Street Bridge, this 175-year-old tree was an important waypoint marker for the trail leading from central Dallas across the Trinity River to points south and west. It survived the construction of the first Commerce Street bridge in 1855, the Great Flood of 1908, the building of the Trinity River levee system in 1919, and the construction of the Beckley/Commerce intersection in 2015. In 2023, the Texas Historic Tree Coalition issued a proclamation recognizing this tree as a “living legend.”  The FWADG is partnering with the Trinity Park Conservancy on the tree’s historic designation plaque.

        Belmont Hotel

        • Opened in 1946 to serve travelers driving between Fort Worth and Dallas, the Belmont is a classic example of acclaimed local architect Charles Stevens Dilbeck. After many years of being closed and falling into disrepair, it was bought by former FWADG Board member, Monte Anderson. He not only brought new life to the hotel, but also to the surrounding corridor and neighborhoods. Today, the FWADG is underwriting the hotel’s designation as an historic landmark.


        The Spare pARTS Public Art Initiative

        To encourage street life along the Avenue, FWADG created Spare pARTS, awarding grants for juror-selected pieces constructed from repurposed materials. Community artists created the artwork which FWADG funded and installed within walking distance of one another. Today’s walking tour includes the following pieces.

        Magic Bike

        Artist: Roburtus Joost van der Wege


        Artist: David Lyles

        Four-Door Gallery

        Artist: Gretchen Goetz

        Mobius Bench

        Artists: Erik Glissman & Nicole Horn

        Steam Punk Bird

        Artists: Scott Shubin & Juli Hulcy

        Carlton Radial Drill

        Artist: Juan Martinez

        The Wind Sculpture

        Artist: Gary Buckner

        Sylvan I-30 Underpass Mural

        Artist: Fred Villanueva and JM Rizzi

        And More

        Although we weren’t directly involved in the development of any of the following, all were made possible by the existence of PD 714. We’re proud to be a primary reason they’re here, and we’re glad to have them all as part of our community.


        Performance theater art shows take place at Artstillery, as well as on the sidewalks of West Dallas neighborhoods.

        Inn of the Dove

        Originally known as the Triple A Ranch Motel, Inn of the Dove was listed in the Green Book, a travel guide produced from 1933–1966 that identified safe places for African-American motorists to stay during a time when Jim Crow laws were in effect.

        Henry’s Majestic Restaurant and Bar

        24-Hour Fitness

        Home Depot

        Chase Bank

        Hello Carwash


        Smoothy King




        White Rock Brewery

        Another Round (mini golf)

        Fort Worth Village (shopping plaza) – under construction

        Mariposa Senior Apartment Homes – under construction

        Kessler Bluff Townhouses – under construction

        Stevens Park Condos – under construction